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EMT Plus
2016-12-08 16:24:00



EMT PLUS는 뇌졸중(중풍), 척수손상 환자 및 상하지 외상환자 등을 모터에 의한 수동운동 또는 자신의 힘에 의한 능동운동 방식으로 운동시켜주는 재활 운동치료 기기로서 인체공학적인 설계와 현대적인 디자인을 채택하였습니다.
Daily movement is one of the precondition to keep the function of our body intact and remain active. This applies particularly to people with restricted movement due to an existing basic disease (e.g. MS, stroke) or after accidents (e.g. paraplegia).
A lack of movement can be the main cause of a whole number of disturbances of health like circulation disturbances, cold legs, stiffness in the joints. In these cases the motor-driven EMT PLUS exercisers have proved themselves very well