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Biomix HSP-601
2016-12-08 16:26:00



Biomix HP-601은 저주파 자극을 이용하여 통증완화에 사용하는 기기로 흡인도자를 채택하여 부드럽고 6개 채널에서 동시에 출력이 가능하여 효과적인 치료가 가능합니다.
· Fasteners are unnecessary due to suction electrode · Use 6 channels at the same time. · Various therapy area with small and large electrode. · Biomix uses low frequency for stimulation to relieve pain. Through the operation of switch, it is possible to control the wave type of electric currents with low frequency, the operating time, the pressure strength of absorbing motor, the start/the end of absorbing motor and the start/the end of output. Also, it is possible to carry out output from six channels at the same time.